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Success Story: The Darryl Lockett story

Darryl Lockett, the Director of Health Equity for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, shared his journey and passion for addressing health equity in this success story.

Lockett realized in high school that not everyone has the same opportunities because of where they come from, and that made him want to help. This realization drove him to pursue his career.

After working with AARP Foundation and the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative, Lockett became involved in the conversation on social determinants of health, focusing on external factors that impact an individual’s well-being.

He joined Anthem Indiana Medicaid, where he wakes up every day with a mission to change outcomes and create opportunities for underserved communities.

Lockett’s story showcases his dedication to addressing health equity and creating opportunities for all people regardless of their background. His passion and commitment to making a difference in underserved communities are evident in his career choices.

Lockett’s story serves as an inspiration to others to strive for equity and opportunities in all aspects of life.