Bicycle Safety – Innovative Technology and Rider Education

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Ride safe. Ride smart. 

Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist, shares some tips and technology designed to enhance bicycle safety. 

Regardless of technology and equipment, cyclists need to ride smart:  
•    be defensive, 
•    be seen
•    obey rules of the road.  

Resources to Help Cyclists Ride Smarter and Be Safer 

#1 – GARMIN VARIA Radar:   Detects Cars, Alerts Drivers and Warns Cyclists

Over 40% of Serious Cycling Injuries Involve Cyclist Getting Hit From Behind By Cars1

•    Visual and audible alters to warn of vehicles approaching from behind 
•    Scans behind you  – Up to 153 yards away
•    Tail light offers daylight visibility up to a mile away 
•    Visible within a 220-degree range: drivers see you well before the radar sees the vehicle

#2 – LUMOS Bike Helmet:      

World’s first “Smart Helmet” integrates Front & Rear Lights, and even turn signals

•    Started as Kickstarter Campaign, now available in Apple Stores
•    Lights Integrated into helmet – Lights Up High – Head level = easier to see and be seen!  
•    Can pair with Apple Watch – to activate turn signals –  by hand motion
•    Sold in Apple Stores – First Helmet 
•    Rechargeable Battery   / Water Resistant

# 3– MIPS – Brain Protection System: 3rd party safety infrastructure for helmets

•    Accidents and Falls are just part of any activity , cycling not different 
•    Thousands of tests: Most head impacts not Direct, but Angular or Rotational –serious injuries 
•    MIPS built into helmet – allows a minor “sliding” motion with inner framework 
•    Two Helmets – as example one with (MIPS) yellow sticker 
•    MIPS – is available as integration into Most Major helmet brands ( Kids & Adults) 

# 4– Trek Bicycle / Bontrager “Wavecel” Helmet:   Proprietary to Trek    

•    Continuous “Dome” liner in the helmet –  not pressure points traditional helmets
•    Conforms to different head shapes, but breathes as well
•    Behaves differently depending on type of impact
•    Can take twisting impact as well as straight-on impacts
•    Numerous models of Trek/Bontrager helmets have this Technology

BOTTOM LINE:  Innovative companies continue to work hard to offer cyclists better, safer products so they can enjoy riding.

NOTE:   For more information, Always Consult with Your Local Bicycle Shop Experts!!

Rider Education is still Key..!! 
•    Take initiative to learn to bike safer..!   
•    Many local bike shops have rider safety education courses / meetups
•    Bike Indianapolis has great resources, like “Riders In The Know” 
o    Ride defensively
o    Be Seen
o    Obey rules of the road.  

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