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Kid-ing with Kayla: First time at Buc-ees gas station

Kid-ing with Kayla: Stopping on a family road trip

Kid-ing with Kayla: Have you ever been to Buc-ees? You’ve probably heard of the extremely large gas station known for its clean restrooms but I found out it’s so much more than that!

This weekend, I went to Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate my younger brother’s engagement. On the way back, we decided to stop at Buc-ees, an extremely large gas station that I’ve seen featured in several viral videos on social media but I’ve never experienced myself.

I’m here to say it’s worth the stop! Not only is it interesting to see a gas station so large, it’s also fun to see how much other people love it. This place was packed with Buc-ee fans. People were buying the little beaver themed snacks, merchandise and drinks.

The fuel was cheaper than most gas stations and the meat was so tasty!

My only critique is that this place needed a large seating area because we had to eat everything in the car and barbeque sauce is quite messy!

If you do stop in, be prepared for kids asking for toys and being tempted to buy some of the home stuff for yourself! I actually bought a Christmas ornament because I wanted to commemorate the occasion. I like to buy ornaments when we travel because I believe it’s a wonderful way to recap all of the places I’ve been at the end of the year. You can never have too many Christmas ornaments!

In my social media report, I joke about how I am unsure where the last three hours of my life went. You really do seem to get lost in there and the time flies.

I talked about the cheap gas, yummy brisket, and the restrooms that have art for sale and stall stoplights. I can confirm they are super clean! The red and green lights above the stalls are a nice visual on which is open. I’ve never seen anything like it!

They had free samples just like Costco and every type of candy you can imagine.

It’s really an experience you have to see for yourself!

So, if you’re ever taking a road trip, try out Bucees and if you’ve already been, tell us about it on Facebook!

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