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Exclusive releases and events at Record Store Day with Indy CD & Vinyl

Celebrating Record Store Day

Record Store Day is an annual celebration that encourages music enthusiasts to visit and support independently-owned record stores. This event features exclusive, limited-edition releases available only at indie retail outlets. Across the USA, approximately 1,300 stores participate in their unique way; some host live bands and parties, while others focus on curating specific titles or ordering extensive inventories. This year’s event includes releases from artists like Noah Kahan, Paramore, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, and nearly 400 other musicians.

Indy CD & Vinyl goes all out by ordering a vast selection to increase the chances of fans finding the records they seek. This weekend, they’re also introducing about $50,000 worth of rare and collectible used records, ensuring there’s something for every vinyl enthusiast. Additionally, customers spending over $100 can enter a special promotion to win an autographed CD of Taylor Swift’s “Folklore.”

Open year-round, Indy CD & Vinyl isn’t just about Record Store Day; they’re a staple for music lovers seeking to start or complete their collections. With over 500,000 titles, plus turntables, speakers, accessories, and record maintenance supplies, they offer everything a vinyl collector could need. This weekend marks their 22nd anniversary in Indianapolis, coinciding with the 17th annual Record Store Day, making it a special celebration of music at Indy’s largest and most celebrated record store on Broad Ripple Avenue.