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IYSA: Connecting youth workers across Indiana

IYSA: Connecting youth workers across Indiana (PAID AE UNKNOWN)

The Indiana Youth Services Association (IYSA) is at the heart of supporting Youth Service Bureaus (YSBs) across Indiana, playing a vital role in ensuring young people have access to the resources they need.

Beyond this essential function, IYSA also leads various programs aimed at empowering youth, supporting youth workers, and strengthening non-profit organizations.

Pavel Polanco Safadit, Executive Director at the Amigo Laten Center and Journey Follow, and David Westenberger, President & CEO of IYSA, joined Life.Style.Live to talk about how they’re connecting youth workers across the state.

With 26 active members spread across approximately 61 counties in Indiana, IYSA’s network of YSBs provides crucial community-based preventative services and family support programming.

These services are designed to foster positive youth development and resilience, helping young individuals navigate life’s challenges with strength and support.

One of the standout initiatives by IYSA is the Certified Youth Worker Credential (CYC), which serves as a platform for youth workers nationwide to connect, share knowledge, and enhance their skills.

This credential is instrumental in building a stronger community of youth advocates and professionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people.

To further engage with the community and amplify their impact, IYSA offers an insightful journey through their work on their website:

This platform provides a deeper understanding of their mission, programs, and the transformative effect they have on youth across the state.

In addition to its online presence, IYSA collaborates with organizations like Amigos Latino Center ( to ensure inclusivity and diversity in their efforts to support youth from all backgrounds.

You can stay updated with IYSA’s latest news, events, and initiatives by following them on social media: