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Shaeleigh Hreskowsky shares experience as America’s Ultimate Queen pageant winner

America’s Ultimate Queen National Competition

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Shaeleigh Hreskowsky, the current title holder of America’s Ultimate Queen, recently discussed her journey through the competition, highlighting its unique features and her passion for mental health awareness.

Reflecting on her victory, Herskowsky expressed joy, stating, “I participated in an interview, evening gown runway, and an onstage question. And it was so much fun. I cried on stage when I won, I was so happy.”

Herskowsky’s platform is “Zach’s Butterflies,” a program affiliated with the Zachary Thomas Carter Foundation, dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Herskowsky, deeply affected by the loss of her cousin Zach, shared, “My cousin, Zach passed away in 2022. It was really hard in our family but we supported each other and we all went through it together.”

During her reign, Herskowsky has passionately championed this cause, leveraging the platform provided by America’s Ultimate Queen Pageant to raise awareness and support. She noted, “I brought one of the butterflies with me…it benefits suicide prevention and mental health. The pageant supports it and posts about it.”

Beyond her advocacy work, Herskowsky emphasized the impact the pageant has had on her personal growth and social connections. “I’ve gotten to meet all of these people and get to make all of these new friendships,” she shared, underscoring the experiences gained through the competition.