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Mozel Sanders Foundation honors essential workers with scholarships

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — We’re just days away from Thanksgiving, and the huge, annual Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Hoosiers are likely familiar with the the foundation’s goal of feeding hungry people every year.

But you might not have known that the foundation also gives away scholarships.

Jamil Campbell, 28, earned the Mozel Sanders Foundation’s Reverend Roosevelt Sanders Empowerment Scholarship while he was in high school, and it changed his life.

“For me, it went to my books. That was a blessing for me, because as the son of a single mother, not wanting to have to call her and say, ‘Hey mom, you know this book is $350, this book is $125, this key code is $160,” Campbell said.

The scholarship’s goal is to always inspire students to unlock their potential, achieve their dreams and believe in themselves. The scholarship was created to give financial help to local students who want a quality education.

“It was an honor to receive that after putting in countless volunteer hours, and just being part of a culture that wanted to see young people succeed, but also about the community,” Campbell said.

This year, the foundation is honoring essential workers through this scholarship. Essential workers who selflessly sacrifice their lives, the foundation says, to make sure our community is being taken care of, eating and being served.

“I think that’s amazing, because during this pandemic, I still don’t believe that the essential workers have gotten their just due for what they’re doing to put their own self out there, their own lives on the line,” Campbell said.

Campbell is a youth pastor now, and he hopes others who receive the same scholarship he did learn something.

“It pays off to just be a good person,” Campbell said.

The scholarship deadline is Nov. 20. You can find this application nomination form here.