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Acapulco Joe’s owner in critical condition after customer punches him

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A downtown restaurant owner is hospitalized after trying to stop a customer from eating, and not paying known as dine and dashing.

The suspect was apparently on a blind date. He has been identified as Maurice Dunlap. He is wanted on separate charges of theft and robbery with serious bodily injury and battery by means of a deadly weapon. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 for his arrest.

Maurice Dunlap

He still hasn’t been caught.

It happened Tuesday evening at Acapulco Joe’s at West Vermont and North Illinois streets. At last check, 57-year old Grant Redmond was in critical condition at Eskenazi Hospital. His partner, Bob Plank, said Redmond had bleeding on his brain, which caused a blood clot, shifting of his brain, and bruising and swelling on the brain. Doctors had to remove part of Redmond’s skull in emergency surgery. He was on a ventilator.

Wednesday was not business as usual at Acapulco Joe’s, but, without Redmond, the staff was making sure they took care of business while he recovers.

“They talked about a huge blood clot between his brain and his skull. If they didn’t operate he was going to die,” Plank said.

Plank said the injuries occurred over a $50 bill.

Police said the suspect was on a blind date at Acapulco Joe’s. He asked his date to wait for him in the car while he paid. Investigators said they believe he tried to pay with a stolen credit card. It was declined. The man allegedly said he needed to go to an ATM and tried to leave.

“Dine and dash. Dine and dash. Probably hoping to not be confronted,” Plank said.

But, Redmond confronted him while asking his employees to call police.

“All of the sudden, the guy lunged at Grant, punched him in the face. Grant fell and hit his head on the concrete,” Plank said.

Redmond was knocked unconscious. The suspect left, but his date stayed behind. She told police she was on a blind date and only knew the suspect as “Maurice.” Police said she lied about her identity as well.

“I don’t think she anticipated the guy attacking Grant,” Plank said.

Still, Plank said, he wants her to be held accountable. His focus, however, is finding whomever is responsible.

“I really, really hope the police catch this man and put him away for a very long time,” he said.

According to Plank, surgery went well for Redmond and that soon he was to be taken off the ventilator. However, he will not be home for at least a month.

Acapulco Joe’s has surveillance cameras, but, at this time, police are not releasing the footage.

If you have any information that could help in this investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.