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After crash claims owners, family dog on the road to recovery

NEWTON COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Newton County Animal Control officers haven’t heard a peep from Tiny the Pomeranian for 24 hours.

“I would say he’s still in that dramatic state,” Newton County Animal Control Officer Bill Rowe said.

Monday morning, Tiny was rescued by Newton County Animal Control after he was in a car involved in a wreck on State Road 10. His owners, 86-year-old Robert Lee McDaniel and 77-year-old Ilea McDaniel, were killed in the crash.

Animal Control Officers Bill Rowe and Glen Cain responded to the scene.

“When we got there two cars were involved. It was chaotic,” Rowe said.

“[Tiny] was just down on the floorboard,” Cain said. “He was just very scared and cold because it was cold out. We weren’t expecting something that small, but he’s just a beautiful little dog.”

At not even four pounds, the officers didn’t know what kind of injuries Tiny had. A vet visit showed no broken bones, but he was treated for a concussion.

The vet explained in 24 hours it would be known if Tiny would take a turn for the better or worse. Rowe said 24 hours later Tiny is taking a turn for the better.

“He’s eating, drinking, he perked up some, he’s a lot more social,” Rowe said.

Although Tiny is starting to act like a normal dog, Rowe and Cain said he can sense something isn’t right.

“As far as what he meant to the victims we didn’t get much information, but you can tell in Tiny that he is lost,” Rowe said.

“It’s always a hard thing to see,” Cain said. “Here is this poor animal, these are the people who love and care for him, and they’re not here any longer.”

Family members contacted animal control immediately to find out about Tiny. They traveled from out of state to pick up Tiny Tuesday afternoon.

Tiny is on the long road to recovery, and could be a big part of a family’s healing.