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After year of scary incidents at home, military family has car set on fire

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach family says they’re living in fear after the latest of a series of incidents at their home.

“It’s terrifying, hearing my kids scream this morning,” said Mendy Hanner.

The Hanner family is living in fear every day.

“I don’t see any reason to put anyone through this,” Hanner added.

The nightmare began last year with nails in the driveway. Then it was graffiti on the garage, and recently it turned into nights of rocks being thrown through the window at the home on Entrada Drive.

“My girls were afraid to sleep in their room for two weeks,” Hanner said.  “They just became comfortable in their rooms and they came back and busted their windows again.”

And then this Monday morning someone set their car on fire.

“I was shocked,” Hanner added. “I never expected fire in my driveway.”

Before someone set the car on fire, the military family put up flood lights and surveillance cameras. 

Whoever came to the house moved one camera and knocked the flood lights out of place.

“Then they came over here in the lawn chair and spray painted this camera,” Hanner said.

That was actually captured on video. A man in a mask was seen before the camera quickly goes dark.

“It was annoying and a nuisance when it was property damage, but I never feared for our lives, and now I do,” Hanner added.

There are other videos of an SUV driving past the house on several occasions, and then one of the man walking up to the house to break the window.

“The police told me to put cameras and lights, and I’ve done that and it doesn’t stop them, so what is it going to take to stop them?” Hanner asked.