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All INdiana Podcast Network Featured Podcast of the Week: IN the Community

Featured Podcast – 041224 – ITC

Each Friday on Daybreak we highlight a podcast from the All INdiana Podcast Network that we think you’ll love.   This week we are featuring the IN the Community podcast.  It’s the final Special Eclipse Edition of the “IN the Community” podcast! The “IN the Community” podcast is all about events happening in and around central Indiana and it just doesn’t get any bigger than the total solar eclipse on April 8. The path of the total solar eclipse was directly over Indiana, plunging most of the state into darkness for several minutes. WISH-TV Event’s Manager, Allan Haw, took the opportunity to head to downtown Franklin, Indiana to the eclipse festival there to talk to folks who came from all over to see the big event, and after having seen it for ourselves I think we can safely say that the eclipse lived up to the hype (even if the traffic didn’t). I hope you enjoy some of the conversations I had with people as they came to experience the eclipse with us “IN the Community”.

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