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Beginners Guide to Podcasting: What makes a Good Podcast?

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As a wise podcasting coach has said, it’s easy to make a podcast, it’s harder to make a good one.  Are you just starting to get into podcasts and wondering how to tell what’s good from what’s not.  You will find dozens of lists telling you what someone else thinks is good but there is only one person who can really decide what you like…and that’s YOU.  But there are things that podcasters do that can be more (or less) likely to make you want to listen. 

Probably the first thing you will encounter when looking for your next podcast to listen to is the title of the show.  You can tell a lot from a podcast’s title.  Generally, if you have a good idea of what you’re going to hear before you click play, then you’re off to a pretty good start.  How well do you think they will convey their point if they can’t come up with a descriptive title?  If the show makes you guess what it’s about you might want to move on to the next podcast.

Once you start listening, the next thing that will probably make or break your experience with the show is the host (or hosts if there is more than one).  The host doesn’t have to have the most polished presentation to be entertaining but it helps if they are at least prepared.  Does the show’s host sound like they know their subject or are they winging it?  Do they make their point so you can understand it, or do they ramble on hoping to eventually make sense? 

Connecting with the host is important, but what they say is just as important.  Are their ideas original or do they repeat the same old ideas in the same old ways?  There’s nothing like getting a new perspective on a topic you’re interested in.  It’s even better if they can give share their ideas with a good story.  If a podcast isn’t interesting you’re not going to want to listen for long.

Whether you listen to podcasts to learn, laugh, think, cry, or groan (gotta love a good dad joke!) are you taking something away from the experience?  The best podcasts give you something of value in exchange for your time.  The more you get out of a podcast, the more you will want to come back to listen to another episode.

This may seem obvious but one of the biggest turn offs for most people is the sound quality of the podcast.  You may connect to the host, enjoy what they say and how they say it, and have enlightening takeaways with every show but if it sounds like it was recorded in the bottom of a well is it really worth it?  One of the most annoying things to many people is when you have to turn the volume up and down when the speaker changes.  It’s sad when you have to stop listening to a podcast that you are enjoying otherwise for this reason.

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