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24/7 DINK Pickleball taking over old Marsh Supermarket location

24/7 DINK Pickleball taking over old Marsh Supermarket location

In Fishers, Indiana, a company called 24/7 DINK Pickleball is making big plans.

They want to open a new pickleball facility in a place that used to be a Marsh Supermarket.

This facility will be special because it will use technology to make playing pickleball even more fun!

John Hurley and Scott Brenton, the owners of 24/7 DINK, are excited about this. They joined us to share more information about this project.

They say the facility will have 20 indoor courts where people can play pickleball any time, day or night, all year round.

The building will be huge, covering 60,000 square feet.

They’re using a special app to make things easy for players.

With the app, people can sign up to play whenever they want, find partners to play with and pay for their games without any hassle.

They can even use their phone to get into the facility with a unique QR code.

This new pickleball place will be the first of its kind when it opens. And the best part? There are no membership fees to join!

John, Scott, and their friend Ben Timby, who’s a tech expert, have worked on big projects before, like ExactTarget and Angi’s List.

Now, they’re bringing their tech skills to the world of pickleball to create a whole new kind of playing experience.