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Book highlights non-traditional family structures

“Precious Love” is a book telling the story of a young girl who learns that love isn’t just defined by people who are “blood relatives.”

Author Khrisma Antoinette joined us Wednesday on “All Indiana” to share what inspired her to write this story, the impact she hopes the book makes, advice to children and parents who are in nontraditional family structures and more.

Book Description:

Would you have the courage to let him in?

When it comes time for the school father-daughter dance, Takara doesn’t know what to do. With her biological father gone, she has to decide if her stepfather can fill the void left by her dad.

With beautiful illustrations and a reflective story of real-life family dynamics, “Precious Love” is a heartwarming message to girls everywhere not to let a single absence keep you from moving forward.

Includes Activities and Discussion Questions to guide families, therapists and social workers on how to jumpstart conversations with children about their unique families.

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