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‘Charlie Parker’s Yardbird’ coming to Indy stage

Charlie Parker’s Yardbird coming to Indy stage

In the world of opera, “Charlie Parker’s Yardbird” tells the story of the famous jazz musician, Charlie Parker.

This 90-minute opera, composed by Daniel Schnyder and with a script by Bridgette A. Wimberly, explores Parker’s life struggles and his journey to find redemption.

Set in 1950s America, the opera looks at themes like music, drug addiction, and racial inequality. It shows Parker dealing with his inner demons and the challenges he faces in society.

Today, guests from the Indianapolis Opera, including General Director David Starkey, Baritone/Actor Jorell Williams, and Soprano/Actress Ashley Fabian, joined us to discuss the significance of the production and the difficulties of portraying Parker’s story on stage.

In another story, Cameron Balser, from Noblesville, Indiana, goes on an incredible journey across America.

Like Forrest Gump, Balser aims to run 11,000 miles, and a documentary crew follows his adventure.

His run, including a 300-mile solo run called The Speed Project on March 25th, showcases his determination and the support he receives from his community.