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Comedian Zarna Garg talks latest project ‘A NICE INDIAN BOY’

Comedian takes a gamble and bets on dream

Zarna Garg stands out as One in a Billion, mirroring the title of her debut Amazon special, currently streaming.

Transitioning from a career in law to a stay-at-home mom and eventually emerging as a stand-up comedian, she has carved a unique niche in the comedy scene.

CNBC hails her as “the zany, outspoken voice of the Indian American woman,” emphasizing her distinctive perspective.

Recently featured on Apple TV’s Gutsy series hosted by Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, Zarna is recognized as one of the gutsiest women in comedy.

Amidst a hectic schedule with 15 weekly shows at New York City’s Comedy Cellar and global tours, she also opens for the likes of Amy Poehler & Tina Fey’s Restless Leg Tour.

Zarna’s latest project, “A NICE INDIAN BOY,” is set to premiere at SXSW.

Additionally, she hosts The Zarna Garg Family Podcast, exploring contemporary issues with her husband, daughter, and two sons.

The recipient of Kevin Hart’s Lyft Comics and the 2021 Ladies of Laughter Award, Zarna boasts over a million followers on social media.

Her screenplay, ‘Rearranged,’ clinched the Top Comedy Feature award at the Austin Film Festival in 2019 and secured a spot as a 2019 Nicholl Fellowships Semi-Finalist.

Zarna’s comedic prowess extends to challenging family dynamics, notably taking on her mother-in-law, making her a standout figure among Indian women comedians worldwide.