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Courageously & Confidently conquering your 40s

Discover the empowering experience of 40 Won, an exclusive event curated specifically for Gen X and Millennial Women between the ages of 39 and 49. The primary objective of this event is to ensure every woman departs feeling joyful, rejuvenated, enlightened, and self-assured about crafting the journey through her 40s. Joining our hosts in the studio, the dynamic duo of this year’s event, the charismatic “femcee” Eudahnas “Dahni” Crutchfield and the brilliant event organizer, Ebony Stroder, will share captivating insights into what attendees can expect from this transformative gathering.

With their expertise and passion for empowering women, they will reveal thoughtfully curated activities and discussions designed to inspire personal growth, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Dahni and Ebony as they shine a light on the empowering journey that awaits at 40 Won.