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Developing award-winning innovative big ideas

Developing award-winning innovative big ideas

Brayden Gogis, a sophomore at Taylor University in Indianapolis, is making waves in the tech world as the local winner of Apple’s Swift Student Challenge.

This prestigious award, held annually, invites young coding enthusiasts worldwide to develop their app for a chance to win.

Applications for the challenge open in February, offering students an early opportunity to embark on their tech journey.

Gogis secured victory in 2019, 2020 and 2021, showcasing his self-taught coding skills and passion for app creation.

His creative twist on the traditional Solitaire game introduced a new activity in Bikini Bottom.

For those interested, Brayden provides valuable guidance, inspiring others to explore the exciting realm of coding.

Gogis is excited for his next project “Joybox”, learn all about it here