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Faith in Indiana leaders call for gun laws to change in light on FedEx shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New Revelation Church on Friday served as a space for faith leaders in Indianapolis to have a conversation about what should be next after a shooter fatally shot eight people and himself at a FedEx facility on Thursday night.

Faith in Indiana challenges lawmakers on all levels to change gun laws to prevent future tragedies.

Members of the group, all from the Indianapolis area, spoke Friday with News 8 about how to move forward and protect Indiana citizens: Richard Reynolds, Kenneth Sullivan Jr. and Jerry Davis, all pastors, and Leah Gunning Francis, the vice president for academic affairs and the dean of the faculty at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.

News release

“Indianapolis, IN. – In the wake of the murder of eight people by an armed gunman in Indianapolis last night, The Rev. Richard Willoughby, president of Faith in Indiana a network of tens of thousands of faith leaders across race, faith, and geography committed to racial justice in Indiana and an affiliate of Faith in Action, released the following statement:

“‘As religious leaders from diverse faith traditions, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families forever transformed by this mass murder. We, and our communities, are also transformed. Condolences are not enough. Safety is possible for all of us. Governor Holcomb must go beyond thoughts and prayers and fund proven community based solutions to gun violence and pass gun safety laws this session. 

“‘We don’t have to wait to make our communities safer. Indiana is about to receive a $5.85 Billion allocation as part of the American Rescue Plan passed by Congress. Governor Holcomb can choose to #FundOurLives and dedicate at least 5% to scale up Group Violence Intervention, the nation’s most effective strategy to reduce community gun violence, across Indiana’s cities.

“‘Most of us believe every person is worthy of safety and the ability to thrive, no matter if we are Black, white, or brown. For too long, legislators bought by the gun industry have refused to act to pass gun safety measures, a choice that took eight lives today.  Governor Holcomb and his legislature has a moral responsibility to act now and pass gun safety laws and fund proven community based solutions that protect all Indiana families.’”

Faith in Indiana