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I Love to Read: Honoring Hawaiian culture and identity

I Love to Read: Honoring Hawaiian culture and identity

Aloha Everything” is a wonderful story that will whisk you away to the beautiful islands of Hawaii!

The author of “Aloha Everything”, Kaylin Melia George, joined us Thursday afternoon to share more information!

Join Ano, a brave young girl, on an exciting journey filled with adventures like canoe rides, hawk sightings, and encounters with colorful lizards in the forest.

Since Ano was born, she has felt a special connection to her home.

But as she grows up, she discovers even more about the beauty and meaning of Hawaii.

Through learning hula, a traditional dance that tells stories of Hawaiian history and culture, Ano learns the true spirit of aloha.

This book is not only a fun read but also a great way to learn about Hawaiian history, nature, and culture.

With gorgeous illustrations and poetry, it will capture the attention of both kids and grown-ups.

Plus, it includes 25 Hawaiian words woven into the story, along with a pronunciation guide and glossary, making it a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about Hawaii’s language and culture.