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IMPD’s first cybercrimes dog, Hunter

IMPD electronic detection K9, Hunter, stops in

In a pioneering move to combat cybercrimes and child exploitation, Hunter, the first cybercrimes dog of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, showcases his exceptional skills alongside Detective Darin Odier.

Hunter’s specialized training enables him to detect cellphones, memory cards, and other digital devices crucial in cases involving child exploitation, marking a significant step forward in law enforcement’s efforts to tackle such offenses.

Hunter’s presence within IMPD serves as a vital asset in investigations related to child exploitation, aiding in the discovery of digital evidence that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Odier, alongside Hunter, highlights the dog’s ongoing contributions to the station and emphasizes his unique capabilities in sniffing out digital evidence integral to solving these complex cases.

The duo’s appearance serves not only to showcase Hunter’s remarkable skills but also to raise awareness about the grave dangers of child exploitation, IMPD says. Their educational segment sheds light on the prevalence of these crimes, educating the public about the importance of vigilance and reporting any suspicious activities that could potentially save vulnerable children from harm.