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Indiana Safe Place Program helping teens in need

Indiana Safe Place Program helps teens in need

David Westenberger, President & CEO at IYSA, and Amanda Vipperman, from Adult & Child Health, are teaming up to talk about their collaboration and the importance of the “Safe Place” program for teens and adults. This partnership brings together two groups dedicated to keeping people safe in their communities.

The “Safe Place” program, run by Adult & Child Health, offers a lifeline for teens and adults facing tough situations. They can go to designated places like libraries or fire stations to get help right away. These spots have trained staff who can offer support and connect them with resources.

David Westenberger knows how valuable the “Safe Place” program is for teens and adults in crisis. By teaming up with Adult & Child Health, IYSA wants to make sure more people know about and can benefit from the program.

Amanda Vipperman, speaking for Adult & Child Health, talks about how the “Safe Place” program helps not just in the moment but also in the long term by providing ongoing support for individuals and families. By building a supportive network within the community, the program helps people bounce back from tough times and build better lives.

Together, David Westenberger and Amanda Vipperman are promoting care and support in the community, where people facing tough times can find help and comfort. Their collaboration shows the power of programs like “Safe Place” to make communities safer and more supportive for everyone.