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Indy native creates ‘Grown Konversations’ event to help millennials navigate relationships

Panel on relationships, dating and marriage in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– “Grown Konversations” is a monthly event to bring people together to talk about things that take place in relationships and marriage. Creator and Indianapolis native, Brandon Jackson, is catering the first February conversation around the start to Black History Month.

Jackson says he first started thinking of the idea when he was a participated in a relationship panel at a women’s expo in Indianapolis that featured Love Jones actor Larenz Tate and Pastor Anthony Jackson of New Beginnings Church in 2010. From that point on, Brandon was inspired to one day hold a monthly networking event that would create better dialogue in the community in regards to relationships.

“It’s just a way for adults to dialogue and interact with each other once a month, come out and have fun and listen to some good music,” Jackson said.

As a married man of 13 years, Jackson believes we live in an era where people are too attached to their phones and depriving themselves of good conversations and stunting the potential for their relationships to grow. The “K” in Konversation is also his way of paying homage to Kappa Alpha Psi, a historically black college fraternity that was founded at Indiana University at Bloomington. It’s also the fraternity that Jackson belongs to. Even though he wants Grown Konversations to keep growing beyond Indianapolis, he also wants people to remember the idea was born in his hometown.

“I love Indianapolis,” Jackson said. “This is my home city and I think people here need it. It’s something different.”

Kelsey Johnson, a panelist for the event, poet and educator talks about why listening is an important part of a conversation she believes is an important one; especially in the age of social media.

“Something like this it’s about listening to other people and you have to listen if you want to learn and if you want to grow,” Johnson said. “We’re always on our phones all the time and we don’t ever really take the time to talk to people and engage in conversations that are meaningful about relationships, friendships and romantic partners.”

The monthly event, which is usually held every second Friday, also features poetry, and guest musicians. Keith Beatty, a friend and fraternity brother of Jackson, is also a local musician. Click here to listen to a sample of his skills on the guitar with All Indiana’s Randall Newsome.

The topic on February 7th will be entitled “The Evolution of Black Love” in film, TV, and media. News 8’s own Randall Newsome will serve as a guest panelist at the event.

After taking the event all over the city for the last three years, Jackson says the goal as an educator and counselor is to give more and more people the formula to healthy relationships.

“Information plus application equals transformation,” Jackson said.

More information on Grown Konversations below:

Where: Jockamo’s Pizza 9165, Otis Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46216

When: Friday February 7, 2020 from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Cost: $20 (Includes Food and Drinks)

Click HERE for tickets.