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Is This Anything?: “May the fourth be with you”; Jamie Foxx thanks fans for “all the love’ amid hospitalization

Today, Thursday, May 4th is nationally known as “Star Wars Day”. Why? Well, it’s a play on the phrase “may the FORCE be with you” with fans switching the words “force” with “fourth.” Okay so now that you are all caught up, you’re probably thinking of how you can celebrate this unique-fan-fueled holiday. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! First, we suggest starting with binging all 8 of the Star Wars movies (don’t worry about the order). Next, sit back and enjoy the memorable film scores on Spotify and Apple music. Lastly, take a moment of silence in remembrance of the late actress, Carrie Fisher, who starred as Princess Leia. Follow our suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to a positive “May the Fourth”.

Nigel of WIBCs popular radio show Hammer and Nigel, tells us his thoughts on the infamous Star Wars series, “I’ve always been team dark side. I’ve always been more of a Darth Vader-Empire kind of guy.” Hammer chimed in as well saying “It’s more of a generational thing. I’m watching Star Wars again now with MY eleven-year-old son. In fact, I bought the entire DVD collection when he was born.” Whether you decide to watch the movies or stream the television shows, we hope you are able to celebrate and may the fourth be with you!

As the segment continued on, the hosts discussed with us about the new developments of superstar actor and comedian Jamie Foxx who was recently hospitalized due to a “medical complication” while on set for the new Netflix movie “Back in Action” costarring Cameron Diaz. Foxx thanked his fans on Wednesday via social media for the outpour of support and specifically ‘all the love’. “I think it’s reassuring that we’re actually hearing from Jamie Foxx now, I love Jamie Foxx.” Hammer expressed empathically while Nigel reminisced over Foxx’s nostalgic “Wanda” character from the 90s sitcom “In Living Color“. Some of Foxx’s most memorable performances are “Ray“, “Collateral” costarring Tom Cruise and more recently his role as ‘Electro’ in the “Amazing Spider-man” movie series. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Foxx family at this time.

To learn more about these trending topics, watch the full interview above.