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Jimmy Kimmel faces lawsuit; Damian Lillard named NBA All-Star MVP

Jimmy Kimmel faces lawsuit and Damian Lillard named NBA All-Star MVP

Former congressman George Santos has filed a lawsuit against late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, alleging deception in securing Santos’ appearance on his show.

Santos claims that Kimmel concealed his identity when requesting appearances via the celebrity video-sharing service Cameo.

Kimmel used the footage to mock Santos on his show, prompting discussions on bizarre topics. Santos asserts that Kimmel sent him over a dozen Cameo requests last December, allegedly under a personal use license, which prohibits commercial or promotional use.

Santos is seeking $150,000 in damages, and there has been no response from Kimmel’s team regarding the lawsuit.

In other news…

During the NBA All-Star Weekend, Damian Lillard of the Milwaukee Bucks emerged as the standout player, earning the coveted title of All-Star Game MVP.

Lillard’s remarkable performance saw him score an impressive 39 points, leading the Eastern Conference to a decisive 211-186 victory over the West.

This victory marked the highest-scoring midseason exhibition game in NBA history.

Notably, Lillard’s achievement also places him in elite company, as he joins the ranks of basketball legend Michael Jordan as the only other player in league history to win a Saturday night event and be named MVP in the same All-Star Weekend.