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More insight from the ‘Poppy Wall of Honor’

More insight from the Poppy Wall of Honor

This year, the Poppy Wall of Honor has some exciting new additions!

They’ve set up a cool LED wall that shows stunning footage of poppy fields and a part of a poem called “We Shall Keep The Faith” by Moina Michaels.

This poem explains why poppies are a symbol of remembrance. Before visitors see the panels covered with over 600,000 red poppies, each representing a soldier’s life lost, they’ll be immersed in this beautiful display.

Another new thing this year is a special panel honoring the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a crucial event during World War II when many American lives were lost in the Allied invasion of Normandy.

You can check out the Poppy Wall of Honor from May 24 to May 26 on the National Mall, right by the Lincoln Memorial, between the Reflecting Pool and Korean War Memorial.

If you want more info, visit It’s a great way to pay tribute to those who sacrificed everything for our country.