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Podcast touts relatable stories on mental health

Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as Brandon Saho, renowned sports reporter and host of “The Mental Game Podcast,” joins us to shed light on the crucial topic of mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Having spent five years as a sports reporter at Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate WLWT-TV, Saho intimately understands the challenges and battles that individuals face when dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide.

Now, he has taken it upon himself to open up the conversation on mental health by conducting heartfelt interviews with athletes, musicians, and celebrities who have their own stories to share.

In his most recent episode, Saho had the privilege of sitting down with the talented Colts’ linebacker, Shaquille Leonard, delving into the depths of his personal mental health journey.

Through these powerful conversations, Saho aims to break down stigma, raise awareness, and provide hope for those who may be struggling silently.