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Speedvision’s heartfelt automotive series premieres tonight

New show coming to Speedvision lends a ‘hand’

Speedvision is set to launch “Helping Hands Garage,” a new original series, tonight. The show, hosted by Collette Davis and Katie Osborne, aims to assist families and individuals facing hardships by repairing their vehicles.

“Helping Hands Garage” is not just about basic car maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations; it delves deeper by connecting each vehicle’s story with its owner’s personal struggles and triumphs. According to Osborne, the program mixes practical automotive work with emotional storytelling.

The series stands out by offering a blend of technical automotive know-how and genuine human connections. Osborne emphasized the unique approach of the show, which integrates emotional discussions often considered taboo in the automotive space.

During the premiere, viewers can expect to see a variety of touching moments, including a story about a family whose child has faced significant health challenges. The show also features surprise vehicle restorations for individuals who have endured various life trials.

“Helping Hands Garage” is part of Speedvision’s commitment to innovative and impactful automotive programming. The network and its hosts are eager to bring these compelling stories to a national audience, highlighting the essential role that vehicles play in the lives of many.

For more information on showtimes and network details, visit the Speedvision website.