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Starting the new school year off right with Pride Academy and Judah Ministries

Pride Academy and Judah Ministries are joining forces to make a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of children in Indianapolis as they gear up for the upcoming school year. With a shared vision of supporting the community, these organizations are coming together to provide much-needed resources such as new haircuts, school supplies, and more. The collaboration aims to ensure that every child has the tools they need to thrive academically and feel confident as they step into their classrooms.

Adrian Bannon, a key figure in the community, will be stepping up to shed light on this remarkable event. With his deep-rooted commitment to empowering youth and fostering community engagement, Adrian Bannon will provide valuable insights into the event taking place tomorrow at Washington Park. Through this collaborative effort, Pride Academy and Judah Ministries are demonstrating the power of unity and the positive impact that can be made when organizations work together to uplift and support the next generation. This event will undoubtedly bring joy, hope, and a sense of readiness to the children of Indy as they embark on a new academic journey.