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Tasty Takeout: Gatti’s Pizza Martinsville

Delicious pizza from Mr. Gatti’s for Tasty Takeout

Sarah Demko from Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is set to bring the warmth and aroma of fresh pizza to an upcoming discussion about solar eclipse plans. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, a beloved establishment with a rich history spanning over five decades, continues to serve its loyal customers with the same dedication to quality and taste that it has since its inception.

The journey of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza began in September 1964 when James Eure opened “The Pizza Place” in Stephenville, Texas. Eure’s commitment to creating the perfect pizza led him to Austin in 1969, where he opened the first “Mr. Gatti’s Pizza,” naming it in honor of his wife’s maiden name. This marked the beginning of a legacy that would grow to encompass over 70 locations across the southeastern United States.

At the core of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza’s enduring success are the uncompromised elements that define its beloved pizzas: the use of real 100% Provolone cheese, yeast-risen dough prepared fresh daily in-house, a signature tangy pizza sauce, and fresh toppings that elevate each bite. These ingredients, combined with a time-honored recipe, have remained largely unchanged through the years, ensuring that each pizza from Mr. Gatti’s is as memorable as the last.

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