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Who are participation trophies really for, kids or parents?: Kayla Sullivan shares tips for busy parents

Kid-ing with Kayla: We aren’t getting into the controversy regarding whether kids should be getting participation trophies. That’s for someone else to address. Kayla Sullivan is simply saying parents may actually enjoy or maybe even deserve the trophy more than kids.

In her viral video, Sullivan admits to paying $100 dollars for her three year old son’s T-ball league all so he can only attend three times. She explains how they got busy going on vacation, got sick one week, and the other times, Sullivan just “forgot which day it was.” However, they were able to attend the end of the season trophy distribution and team picture. After parents were overheard asking, “who is that little boy?” Sullivan called the trophy “something to show for the $100 spent.”

Parents on social media could relate. Many of them commenting that they also did not show up to the league they signed their kids up for due to busy parenting schedules. Others shared funny stories about their kids not being interested in the “participation trophy” sport.

We asked parents to send in their busy schedules so we could feature them on the segment.

“I guess I can say I’m busy but may not be the busiest,” said Julie Hippleheuser of Indianapolis. “I teach full time, work 3 nights a week for an answering service, my son is a senior so I play the role of soccer team mom. That includes running activities, organizing concession stands and team meals. My youngest is in band and taking guitar lessons in Beech Grove and drum lessons. I organize my husband so he knows where to go and when every day so we can get to all activities on time.”

One busy working mom, Kelley-Rose Sexton found it in her schedule to create a beautiful graphic displaying her hectic days. She owns a princess party company so she kept that theme going.

Christina Fite is an extremely busy mom! She shared her daily schedule with us on Facebook.

Sharing the busy parent schedule!

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