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‘Yellowcard’ to perform with Third Eye Blind in Noblesville 2024

Yellowcard to perform with Third Eye Blind in Noblesville 2024

Amicia recently had a chat with Ryan Key from Yellowcard, who’s getting ready for their big show with Third Eye Blind at Ruoff Music Center on July 6th.

Yellowcard has been making a comeback lately.

They released an EP called “Childhood Eyes” last year and had a successful tour across the U.S. Then they teamed up with Hammock, another band, for an album called “A Hopeful Sign.”

Now, they’re going on tour again, this time with Third Eye Blind, and playing in even bigger places.

Yellowcard’s music is getting a lot of love from fans, both old and new.

Their collaboration with Hammock shows how they can mix things up and try new sounds.

And with the big tour coming up, it’s clear Yellowcard is ready to rock the stage once more.

So, if you’re a fan, mark your calendar for July 6th.

It’s going to be a fantastic night of music at Ruoff Music Center with Yellowcard and Third Eye Blind.