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Animal care official: keep an eye on small pets

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officials are advising pet owners outside urban areas to keep a close watch on their pets. The agency was recently notified of two reports of small dogs being killed by coyotes.

Animal Care and Control Chief Dennis Papenmeier said there is no reason for people to panic. He said coyotes do not frequently attack dogs in Marion County.

When attacks do happen, according to Papenmeier, they’re isolated to the outskirts of the county.

“We know that coyotes are in those areas,” Papenmeier said. “So this doesn’t come as a surprise.”

Monday, Papenmeier offered advice to pet owners.

“If they see a coyote, we don’t necessarily want them to engage with that,” he said. “We want them to be proactive and keep an eye out for that pet more than anything.”

Workers at Animal Care and Control said spring is birthing season for coyotes. Papenmeier said that could cause a coyote to be slightly more aggressive this time of year.

“They are trying to provide for their families,” Papenmeier said. “Food for their families. Their new families as well.”