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Baby Shaylyn’s family grateful for the support as they grieve

SPENCER, Ind. (WISH) — Family members of Shaylyn Ammerman want to thank everyone who showed support during the toughest time of their lives.

The one-year-old was laid to rest Thursday in Spencer, a week after she was found dead in a rural area a few miles northeast of town.

In her greatest time of grief, Carol Stewart, Shaylyn’s maternal grandmother, couldn’t be more grateful as she looks across the floor in her house that’s sprouting with beautiful reminders of a community that cares.

“A lot of them, we might know their name from the community but we don’t know them personally, and it’s just very touching,” she said.

Shaylyn Ammerman

The flowers and gifts were given to her family Wednesday as hundreds came to say goodbye at Shaylyn’s visitation and funeral. There were several stuffed animals, a doll donated from Build-A-Bear and a homemade plaque bearing her granddaughter’s name. When combined with all of the visitors who attended the services, Stewart said it gave her family a lift.

“It was extremely difficult but at the same time it was, I think, it started the healing process,” she said about the Shaylyn’s services. “It’s been wonderful, very comforting knowing that we’ve been in thoughts and hearts of so many that, so many we don’t even know, don’t even know us from anybody.”

She is also thankful for the funeral home, casket and vault and headstone companies. All three of them donated their services for free, a welcomed surprise as the family was still reeling over Shaylyn’s loss.

“We just seen the worst of humanity, we didn’t expect to see the best,” she said.

She even took time to list the businesses that made a donation which included several from Spencer, Ellettsville and Bloomington. Her gratitude is only outweighed by her pain, two emotions that continuously bring this grandmother to tears.

Lastly Stewart extended her gratitude to law enforcement and the volunteers who helped find Shaylyn and make an arrest. Although she’s hopeful justice will be served, she’s not looking forward to attending the trial for suspect Kyle Parker.

“I think it’s the fear of hearing the details, not knowing if I want to hear the details or if I can handle hearing the details,” she said. “But knowing in my heart also that I that I’ll have to be there.”

Shaylyn’s mother, Jessica, preferred not to be interviewed. Stewart said Jessica has been having a rough time, but there are moments when things aren’t so bad. She said those times are usually when Jessica has her family and friends around her for support.