‘Bison-tennial’ art unveiled to celebrate Indiana’s 200th birthday

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – To celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial, some very appropriate public art was unveiled Thursday. Five colorful beasts were revealed on Main Street.

More than just being a good pun for Indiana’s 200th birthday this year, the animal is also an appropriate choice thanks to its appearance on the Hoosier state seal.

Each bison has a different color scheme and theme – from the state flag to the state bird to a prairie scheme with various animal footprints. Others feature a cityscape or details that commemorate the state’s Native American past.

“I think it’s a great play on words, easy to market. Bison-tennial, I think it’s a great idea,” said artist Angela Taylor. “It’s exciting that five sponsors came together to do that. It shows how strong our community is on both sides of the river.”

The fiberglass bison are each 5 feet tall and 8 feet long and will be installed on bases which are 2 feet tall.

Each Indiana county will have at least one bison on display until the end of the year. Many will be highlighted along the Bicentennial Torch Relay route in October.

The bison will now go on display around Lafayette, West Lafayette and Purdue.

Here’s a list of names and locations:

  • George – Fourth and Columbia on the Courthouse lawn
  • Edmund Guy – Ninth and Main by Bison Financial Group
  • Guardians of the Bond – On Purdue’s campus at Oval Drive and State Street, across from Stone Hall
  • Chip – Second and South at Sgt. Preston’s of the North
  • Lenaswa – North Ninth Street Road, north of Sagamore Parkway, in front of Undercover Storage