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Blue Indy stations across Indianapolis will be reused by 2021

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — City officials have announced 89 Blue Indy stations will be reused in some form, and they want the public to decide what will go in their place.

The logistics of each Blue Indy electric vehicle charging station and space have been examined.

City officials said they have been receiving proposals from community groups and businesses about what should be done with the stations.

After the discovery that the charging stations are no longer viable, the city will not buy them, but connection to power underneath some stations offers numerous possibilities for reuse.

“We got responses back from all different types of entities that are really big companies like subsidiaries to shell that responded. There also was a response from a local individual that just had an idea, put their concept together and responded back,” said Mackenzie Higgins, policy advisor for the mayor’s office.

Ideas for each Blue Indy site are different. They include charging stations for scooters, electric vehicles and even e-bikes, as well as shared public spaces for cyclists, like a bike shop venue.

“We can take them to those who are going to be directly impacted and say ‘What do you think of these ideas? if you don’t like any of them what’s your idea?’ Really source that information, but this will at least give something that people can react to,” said Higgins.

The public can give feedback through electronic surveys and neighborhood outreach starting in October through the end of the year. However, there are no plans to turn the Blue Indy locations into street parking.

“There are just very few places right now in the city where we believe added parking is a value add to the quality of life of that neighborhood. That to us seems like, in some respects we find it hard to believe that’s the best outcome for the vast majority of these places,” said Mayor Hogsett’s chief of staff, Thomas Cook.

Plans will be developed for each site next spring in hopes to see some changes in the fall of 2021.