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Bold, spicy Hatch chile peppers available at Market District

Bold, spicy Hatch chile peppers available at Market District

News 8 Daybreak at 7

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There’s something bold and spicy cooking up at Market District this weekend and next.

Rick Hopkins and Josh Arnold stopped by the Daybreak studios to talk about the Southwest Smoqe Out event featuring Hatch chile peppers.

“It’s one of our favorite times a year,” explained Rick Hopkins. “It’s absolutely an incredible pepper, it happens really the second, third weeks of August typically and actually this year’s a crummy year. This year New Mexico has had some challenges with the crop.”

Hopkins explained Market District is one of the few retailers in Indiana that will have the peppers available.

The week-long event is underway and it’s dedicated to all things Hatch peppers. Hopkins explained it’s an end of summer celebration.[0]=68.ARBtMZb-w1fuwSMi3UVcPZkg5uSLwlYyIwxMy5R56HFOoy7BLFKD4-eFToD0QB8XV4aVLsSc7WSKFN0u7rwjxC-1Hz9qRfMiR1W4MhAG3-1Fbq0Nh8teQ6uZna5b7tkKvgJMRnQ8ZyEPZgMqzNod-mX8E_9nRz_XmQBDXvcKoSsPW5AFh9T_m5p8Xo9War6ziHsWglmg0g1IQewStJrBV0woZEoOxgZ2zA48ae6OqB_3_RQD536zDH0FL-mDy8M1-wsanDLdAv_MVvZq5SP_qaTGu4L_H_Z0dAb5zUYwP4MMcdhb2jZ1b5gY4JV_QwccCcZcRh9ijCnKz_Ix8Dg-LYZ1uIbYemIBrcxDdQ&__tn__=-R

Hatch peppers can be used in a variety of different ways. Click the video to learn more.