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Boy opens lemonade stand to raise money for ‘Feed My Starving Children’

BLANE Minn. (WISH) – A Minnesota boy is changing lives through free lemonade.

Parker Borden is putting his entrepreneurial spirit to work to feed others. The six-year-old set up a lemonade stand at the family’s yard sale over the weekend to raise money for “Feed My Starving Children.”

He set up the stand and gave away the lemonade, but did ask for donations.

Borden surpassed hit his original goal of $160 to feed two children for year so fast he upped it to one thousand!

His motivation for his kind act is simple: to help others.

“I’m raising money for Feed My Starving Children, because I want kids to have more food to live longer,” said Borden.

Even though he may have fallen short of one thousand his efforts during the two-day lemonade stand raised more than $600.