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Carmel considers making drivers exit roundabouts with signal or face fine

CARMEL, Ind (WISH) – Drivers might soon be forced to use a turn signal in Carmel roundabouts or face a fine.

Right now, there are more than 100 roundabouts across Carmel. However, it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to exit.

“You’re supposed to get in the right lane to exit, and if you’re in the right lane, follow the arrows,” Carmel resident, Ken Morwick said. “I think you’re supposed to put on your turn signal so you know which time you’re going to be exiting,” Carmel resident, Meg Claxton said.

You’re not required to use your signal, but this could change. On Monday, city council discussed a proposal that requires motorists to use an arrow.

If passed, drivers who fail to use a signal while exiting would receive a $100 fine. “I like the idea, but I’m not sure I like the fine,” Claxton said.

“As long as they give them enough notice, and I don’t see a problem with that,” Morwick said.

Education, city council members said, would be key since Carmel would be the only community in Indiana to have this law. “I don’t envision more signage at a roundabout is the best thing to do,” Carmel City Council President Sue Finkam said. “So that’s part of my concern is how to we make sure we reduce the amount of confusion.”

It might be the first in the state, but Carmel says it wouldn’t be the only one. A spokesperson said Canada, Oregon, Maryland, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina requires a turn signal.

No matter the outcome, some Carmel neighbors would like to see more use the safety feature.

“I wish more people would use the turn signal because a lot of people get in the wrong lane, and they turn anyway,” Morwick said.

The proposal was moved to the finance, rules, and utilities committee. There is no set date for the next meeting.

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