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Carrier workers brought to tears during President-elect visit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – President-elect Donald Trump kicked off a victory tour on Thursday, but for some Hoosiers, they had more to celebrate than an election victory.

The republican started the tour in Indianapolis. His sights set on Carrier, which was a top campaign promise.

On Thursday, he followed through with his promise to save jobs, leaving some workers in tears.

Prior to President-elect Trump’s arrival, people seemed unsure and anxious about the event.

It’s been a wave of emotions for the employees here at the carrier plant. Months ago, a viral video showed the devastated reaction workers felt when news broke that Carrier would be moving more than a thousand jobs to Mexico.

Thursday, another loud emotion was let out, but this time, it was a cheer. Workers waited a couple hours to get in the event held at Carrier’s west side factory.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the president-elect and Indiana Governor Mike Pence flew overhead. The motorcade arrived around a half hour later.

Not all carrier workers were able to be in the room. But for those who heard the announcement, it was overwhelming.

“We was tearing up,” Carrier worker Carmen Shlembarger said. “Yeah, I’m doing it now.”

“When President-elect Trump walked in everyone fired up,” Carrier worker Jake Heriger said. “For a man in his position, and in his power, he seems like such a down to earth guy the way he talks to you.”

“Tense, real tense,” Carrier worker Brian Dyson said. “Everybody wanted to see what he was going to say, and what was going to happen, and he delivered.”

The people inside the room weren’t the only ones who met with the president-elect. He stopped inside the factory to greet the other workers.