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Cars honk for fantasy football loser on busy downtown street

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — While other people were getting ready to watch the biggest game of the season, one Indiana man dressed the part after losing a bet.

Some fantasy football leagues can get way more competitive than others. In Fort Wayne, one group of players makes the loser dance, wave and strut in front of traffic.

Super Bowl Sunday, Steve Hostetter stood at the corner of Clinton and Main streets dressed to look like a football and held a sign that said “I am the worst at fantasy football.”

He came last place in his fantasy league. The league rule is the loser has to stand on the corner in a costume for an hour or until 60 passing cars honk. Hostetter got the required honks needed in less than a half hour.

“I focused on actually being productive at work this year (rather) than fantasy football, so I lost,” he said. “So my friends, that are jerks, made me stand on a corner.”

His league mates stood by, watching and laughing as cars drove by and honked, but Hostetter had a good spirit. He expressed his gratitude that the outdoor temperature was in the 50s, rather than the subzero temperatures earlier in the week.