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CDC bracing for monkeypox outbreak; here is their action plan

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has opened an emergency center in response to the U.S. monkeypox outbreak. 

The CDC announced the activation of its emergency operations center Tuesday. It will be used to deal with the outbreak response from the government as well as nongovernment agencies’ response. 

News 8 spoke with Dr. Amy Beth Kressel who shared her thoughts on the current state of monkeypox.  

“I think now is the time to have a vigorous response because I don’t know if this can be absolutely stopped in its tracks or not,” Kressel said. “But if this is going to be stopped in its tracks and we are going to end the human to human transmission chain, now is the time to act.”

The facility was already supporting the CDC’s reaction to the pandemic. It was also where experts monitor other public health emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes and oil spills. 

Also Tuesday, the Biden administration announced plans to offer more monkeypox vaccines in states with high case rates.

CNN contributed to this report.