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Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to open Art of Protest exhibit on BLM mural

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will soon spotlight the Black Lives Matter mural on Indiana Avenue. It’s an important part of our history that will be featured in “Stories of our Community: Art of Protest.

Hashtags often preface the names of Black people killed by police. That’s a major reason why artist Jarrod Dortch picked the hashtag in the Black Lives Matter mural on Indiana Avenue.

“It’s deeper than just a hashtag. It’s deeper than just a momentary statement,” said Dortch. “The hashtag symbol itself has become the beginning of so much that has been going on.”

The 18 artists who painted the mural are forming an art collective to further showcase their work. And while the mural will eventually fade, what they did isn’t going away.

The Children’s Museum is one of the many places making sure of it with the “Stories from our community: Art of Protest” exhibit opening Aug. 7.

“Focuses on the Black Lives Matter mural painted here in Indianapolis on Indiana Avenue. And the art is telling the stories of what that was like for them,” said Monica Humphrey with the Children’s Museum.

Topics that center around injustice, equity and inclusion are often hard to talk about. But it’s a part of Indianapolis’ story. For years this exhibit has provided space to tell the stories. For the next couple years, it’ll focus on the mural.

“We really want to make sure we’re bringing lots of perspectives and different voices and help people understand,” Humphrey said.

Dortch said the artists’ work has sparked other partnerships with the museum and says this type of work matters — by giving artist a platform to showcase work but even more than that.

“There’s so many nuance conversations you have to have with children about this. The Children’s Museum environment is a safe environment to have those structure detailed conversations with a child.”

He said the history of this mural will be here when he’s long gone.