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Community remembers ‘Dancing Man’ who used Indy intersection as his stage

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man known for dancing near the intersection of 38th Street and College Avenue for decades has died, according to neighbors.

On any day of the week you may have seen James Snow. Some would call the area his stage. While many may not know much about the person known as “Radio Man” and “Dancing Man,” his moves brought a lot of joy.

(WISH Photo)

A stuffed bear–for now– has taken over Snow’s spot. For years the wall outside a fast food restaurant is one of the places Snow would sit, talk, and dance. That restaurant’s sign tells all walking and driving by that Snow’s gone.

“Oh my goodness it’s such a loss because he was so entertaining I mean I just look forward to seeing him come and dance and staying in here and used to make my day,” said Judy Buckner.

You’ll hear much of the same from the people who knew of him, his radio or guitar.

“That was his joy, music and listening to old music and listening to radio and dancing. This was like his stage,” said Sean Wyatt. He met snow more than 30 years ago when he was 19.

Dale Sharp first saw Snow grooving around the block back when he was 16. He’s continued to watch him through his barbershop window for nearly 30 years. Sharp said Snow was the self-proclaimed “King.”

“He’s been around this corner he started up there on 42nd and College,” said Sharp.

Sharp has heard the car horns and has seen the countless smiling faces from the hordes of people who’ve driven by over the years. And while he can’t speak for everybody, Snow’s dancing meant something. And may have been a small piece of joy in someone’s day.

“You never know what someone is going through and they might see him and just say who. It’s like he doesn’t have any worries so why should I be worried.”