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Company donates 1,000 reflective safety arrows to Indiana State Police

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana State Police will have more tools available to keep troopers safe on the roads.

Deflecto, a company that produces multiple types of products, donated 1,000 safety arrows to ISP.

The arrows were invented by a former ISP trooper.

It’s a highly reflective device used in the back of stopped or stalled vehicles to direct traffic away from them.

The $20,000 donation will make it possible to equip every state trooper in the force with one arrow.

“This arrow is a symbol recognized anywhere in the world. If you’re going 60-miles-per-hour, traveling 6 feet-per-second, if you see that out there, we’ve done testing on this; you’ll see cars go wherever the arrow is pointed… you’ll see the cars doing that,” Ken Greves, former ISP tropper and inventor of Safety Arrow said.

Greves also invented the Stop Stick Tire Deflation Device.