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Marion County parents share back-to-school concerns ahead of reopening plan announcement

MARION COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Schools in Marion County will share reopening guidelines on Friday. Some parents tell News 8 with only a couple of weeks before their kids go back, the plans are coming a little late.

Parents say their top concerns are how classrooms will be set up and how many kids will be allowed in each. They are also interested in details on enforcing rules for wearing masks — especially with young students.

They want to know the curriculum for e-learning and in-person learning, along with how the options will line up so students stay on track. Parents also want to hear how schools will address an outbreak of COVID-19 and what measures are in place for not only students’ safety, but staff too.

“All we’ve been told really is that school will start on August 3rd and that there will be an online version of school and an in-person version of school,” said health care worker and parent Carolyn Soellinger-Wright.

She hopes Friday’s announcement includes a detailed, long-term e-learning plan.

Parent China Burr is interested in those guidelines too. Her kids are excited to head back to school but she anticipates them having to work from home at some point.

“Well yeah, making sure everything is sanitized and clean. How are they gonna do that? You know kids use each other’s stuff and they eat after each other,” said Burr.

News 8 will post plans from Marion County School districts on as soon as those plans are released on Friday.