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Docs: SWAT raids Indianapolis tire shop used as drug front

Two men arrested after raid at east side auto shop

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — SWAT officers arrested two men after raiding an eastside Indianapolis tire shop that was used as a drug front, according to court documents.

On Feb. 9, SWAT officers wit the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department served a signed and valid search warrant at a business in the 3800 block of East Washington Street. This business is a tire/mechanic shop on the city’s east side. The target of the investigation was William Boyd. As officers were en route to serve the search warrant on the building, Boyd left the shop on foot and walked westbound to the nearby Amoco Gas Station. IMPD Detective Carmack maintained a visual on Boyd while SWAT officers made entry into the business.

James Wilkerson, the owner/manager of the tire shop, was standing just inside the business working on a car. Wilkerson had keys to the business and opened the doors almost daily. After entering the business, SWAT officers took Wilkerson into custody. Carmack asked for assistance with William Boyd over the IMPD radio. At this time, Boyd was inside the Amoco Gas Station. IMPD officer Hummerickhouse went into the Amoco and made contact with William Boyd. He was then taken outside and placed into handcuffs.

Carmack went inside the Amoco and talked to Sunny Singh, who was working the counter. Singh handed Carmack a plastic bag with items that Boyd had purchased. A handgun was also in the bag. Singh stated Boyd asked him to hold onto the bag when Boyd saw that the police were coming into the store.

IMPD Detective Junior, along with IMPD Officer Tidrow, walked over to the store to speak with Boyd. After being mirandized by Junior, Boyd admitted to having the gun and giving it to Singh. Boyd further stated the gun is a .22 caliber Glock and that he had gotten it from his son. The officers walked Boyd back to the tire/mechanics shop to continue the search warrant.

Investigators discovered that Boyd was using different vehicles in the mechanics shop to hide narcotics in. The vehicles were in different phases of repair or restoration. Most of the vehicles did not have license plates on them and were inoperable.

During the execution of the search warrant, a detailed search of the business was conducted. Investigators found at least fifth empty, one pound heat-sealed bags found in the shop. Investigators said the bags smelled like fresh marijuana. Multiple drugs, firearms, cash, and cell phones were photographed and confiscated by investigators.

William Boyd was arrested for dealing in cocaine while armed and dealing in marijuana. James Wilkerson was arrested for serious violent felon in possession of a handgun, dealing in cocaine, and dealing in marijuana.

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