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Former IPS teacher who authorities say filmed student beating in class charged with neglect

Former IPS teacher charged with neglect after fight – News 8 at 10

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A former Indianapolis Public Schools teacher who prosecutors say filmed a student beating up another child during class has been formally charged with neglect.

Julious Johnican, 23, faces felony charges for the September incident at George Washington Carver Montessori IPS No. 87, a release from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office says.

A probable cause affidavit shared with News 8 says Johnican can be heard in the cellphone video encouraging the students to fight. As one student began hitting the other student in the head, Johnican was heard saying, “That’s right (student’s name), you get him.”

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears, a Democrat, was concerned when he spoke to News 8 on Wednesday.

“The biggest thing is you are disappointed,” Mears said. “You know, I am a parent. I live in this community. And what’s being alleged is you have a 6- and 7-year-old kids going to school and the environment wasn’t safe for them.”

In a statement, the family’s legal team said in part, “We are relieved that charges have been brought against Johnican, this is a critical step in ensuring safety and accountability in our school systems.”

Mears notes this could have farther-reaching impacts than just one student.

“It’s not only the impact of what that child experienced, but how did it impact the rest of the class when there was basically the sanctioning of bullying and mistreating a kid in a classroom?” Mears said. “What kind of environment does that create? How does that impact other kids? Were there other incidents that were not caught on video?”

Mears said teachers assume responsibility for the students during the school day.

“We didn’t have that safe environment. Not only is there a lack of a safe environment, but what’s also alleged is there was proactive conduct,” Mears said. “That there was encouraging of the individuals to participate in the bullying, participate in physical force.”

Johnican failed to report the incident to the school or the student’s parents, court documents say. The parents of the student who’d been beaten in the head did not learn about the incident until a parent-teacher conference nearly two months after the fight happened.

As soon as the video and fight were reported, Johnican was placed on administrative leave. He resigned four days later.

Lawyers for the student’s mother spoke with News 8 after a lawsuit was filed against the school in April.

Attorneys say the child had sensory sensitivities, an executive function disorder, and possible learning disabilities. They also said the child would often complain to his mother about abuse happening to him at the school, and about not wanting to go to class.

The child’s mother said a former IPS substitute teacher was also in the room when the video was recorded. The substitute teacher also didn’t intervene.

Court documents say detectives spoke with the student and his mother in May 2024.

The student told investigators about several other instances of abuse, and said Johnican would encourage other students to hit him. “(The student) also remembered how much it really hurt him, and it made him feel upset,” the affidavit said.

Officers issued a search warrant for Johnican’s phone on May 3, but have been unable to retrieve it.

According to Johnican’s attorney, the former teacher has since moved to East Chicago and hasn’t been able to deliver the phone to investigators.

Officials told News 8 there is an active warrant for Johnican as of 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The Indiana Department of Education has not yet revoked his teaching license. The department issued a statement.

“IDOE cannot automatically revoke the teaching licenses of individuals who have not been convicted of a crime listed in IC 20-28-5-8. To take action on the license, IDOE must comply with the administrative orders and procedures act and initiate administrative proceedings, seeking the determination of an administrative law judge if the evidence warrants revocation. On May 15, IDOE filed a complaint against Mr. Johnican’s license with the Office of Administrative Law Proceedings, seeking revocation. That proceeding remains pending.”

Indiana Department of Education spokesperson


“IPS is aware of the charges filed against a former IPS teacher. The district will continue to comply with any and all investigations concerning this case.”

Indianapolis Public Schools spokesperson

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