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Hogsett seeks ban on military-style weapons, age limit for gun purchases

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mayor Joe Hogsett announced an update to the city’s gun violence reduction strategy, most notably a package of gun laws that will be sent to the City-County Council.

If the council adopts these laws, they would go into effect immediately, but only if the Indiana laws preempting local governments from regulating firearms are overturned.

This package of laws would ban military-style weapons in Indianapolis, raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21, and end permitless carry.

“Any discussion of gun safety efforts is inevitably politicized,” Hogsett said. “I have no doubt that the efforts announced today will draw the ire of the gun lobby, who use financial investment in candidates to stand in the way of common-sense gun safety measures.”

“None of us were really for going away from the permits to carry weapons. I still this that was a mistake,” said IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. “I am still hoping that can be reversed. I think we have an opportunity here to really sit down and look at this.”

Also announced were immediate changes for the city, including three criminal attorneys serving as special assistant United States attorneys to prosecute gun violence offenders federally.

“These federal charges will usually result in these bad actors being taken off our streets for pre-trial detention. It will result in stiffer penalties that require they serve a minimum of two-thirds of their sentence, and will have them serving those sentences in federal facilities far from Indianapolis,” Hogsett said.

The mayor also announced the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has been instructed to penalize people maintaining nuisance properties where gun violence occurs. This is on top of providing support to groups wishing to make events in public places gun-free zones.

“Know that we will no longer tolerate you forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for your irresponsible business practices,” Hogsett said.

The mayor announced increased pay for new IMPD recruits and retention bonuses for existing officers.

The mayor also announced IMPD recruits will now be paid $72,000 in their first year and $75,000 in their second. Veteran officers will get a 3% retention bonus of up to $2,500.

Mayor Hogsett also announced $15 million dollars in elevation grants for neighborhood organizations to reduce violence.

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