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Current inmate files lawsuit against Vigo County Jail

 VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A current Vigo County Jail inmate has filed a federal lawsuit against the county, claiming overcrowding led to injuries he sustained there.

Jauston Huerta claims he suffered a concussion and shoulder injuries.

Huerta said he was forced to sleep on the floor because his cell was overcrowded.

According to the lawsuit, a man sleeping on the top bunk fell on him, causing injuries.

The complaint also refers to Kim Hawkins, a former jail commander.

Hawkins recently settled his lawsuit with Vigo County for wrongful termination.

The same attorney represents Hawkins and Huerta.

The complaint says the county has done little in the last 11 years to remedy its jail overcrowding issues.

The lawsuit seeks damages, plus asks the judge to order Vigo County to remedy the jail problem.